Category: Culture

Culture is defined by the way of life people live. Culture is modern concept to define classical antiquity. This category helps to define different shades of culture spread across world.


Popular Hindu Temples In Singapore

There are over 35-temples in Singapore, many of them are based on Dravidian style and Tamil style architecture. The temples are structured with impressive Gopurams , a massive tower structure with sculptures  of God...


The Blue Mosque Imperial Mosque In Istanbul

The Blue Mosque, better known as the Sultan Ahmet Mosque. The Mosque popularly symbolizes the skyline of Istanbul. In the 17th century, Sultan Ahmet wished to construct a mosque or a worship place which...


Popular Mausoleums Around The World

The word Mausoleum is derived from the tomb of Mausolus. Mausolus was the governor of the Persian Empire, the structure of this tomb was so aesthetic and unique that it was one of the...

Images Of Bridges

Top Images Of Bridges Around The World

Throughout the ages, man has been working hard to fill the gaps between physical obstacles and gaining easy access. A Man came with the idea of bridge to build an easy passage, then several...

Halloween Festival

Halloween Festival Let’s Eat, Drink & Look Creepy!

Where: In many Western Christians & some non-Christians countries around the world. When: 31st October/ 1st November (In some countries) The world’s one of the most widely celebrated fun festivals called ‘Halloween’, also known...


Play Jump Crawl Mudathon India 2015

When: 3rd and 4th October 2015 Where: Nashik Mudathon India! This Sounds quiet new and exciting. Yes, Mudathon India 2015 is an event organized on 4th and 3rd of October 2015. It is held...