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Fez Morocco

Pictorial Tour Of Fez Morocco

Fez, Morocco is the second largest city, in Morocco. The city holds population of 1.1-million people. It was termed as old Medina quarters and is considered as larger than Fes El Bali. Until 1925, Fez...

Morocco Tourist Attractions

Popular Morocco Tourist Attractions

Morocco a place full of snake charmers, exotic sight-seeing and conjurers. It is also known as adventure land with hordes of treasure and endless glasses of tea flavouring with taste of mint! The landscape...

Chefchaouen Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco A Blue Painted City To Visit

Chefchaouen a city at the northwest side of Morroco. A city with beautiful landscape, mesmerizing architecture and rich history. It gain its fame from blue wall and striking building of vintage style as ‘old...