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Potala Palace: Winter Palace Of Dalai Lama

The Potala Palace Winter Palace Of Dalai Lama

The Potala Palace,  an ancient Palace, which is situated atop the Red Hill of Central Lhasa in Tibet. It has been the primary winter residence of the Dalai Lama since 7th century & was...

peterhof palace fountain

Peterhof Palace An Amazing Piece Of Architecture

Peterhof Palace is one of the most popular and most visited sites in Russia. The Peterhof Palace consist of a series of palaces and gardens. It was popularly called ‘Summer Residence’ of the Emperor...

Schonbrunn Palace: An Imperial Residence

Schonbrunn Palace An Imperial Residence

The Schonburnn Palace in Vienna in Austria was the imperial residence. The palace has a glorious history that dates back about 300 years. This spacious palace with 1441 rooms was the summer residential palace...